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Lightning Network

Trueno is engineered to give you powerful access to the Lightning Network in a lightweight, economic & stable fit.


Trueno is designed for standard users which do not want to configure a full Bitcoin node. Just plug & play


Trueno uses Raspberry pi 3 as a core, thus there is a high volume of free resources to improve and scale your Bitcoin full node
Trueno is open source, allowing the community to download the source code to test & audit our security.

From Bitcoin to Lightning

The Lighting Network protocol radically improves the scalability of blockchain currencies like Bitcoin by streamlining the number of nodes involved in each transaction. A typical on-chain Bitcoin transaction is transmitted, verified and stored by many thousands of nodes. This can mean significant fees and delays for users.

Enter into a Lighnting Universe

Create powerful Lightning applications easily

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Complexity reduced to Simplicity




10cm x 7 cm x 3.5cm


Raspberry Pi 3 model B
LCD touchscreen 3.5"
Acrylic cover case
Power Supply 5V 2.5A with switch
Copper heat sink
Micro SD 16GB


Lnd Web Client

Modular designed for Upgradeability

All in one for Bitcoin

Enduring in use

Enduring quality for everyone who has a curiosity for Lightning Network and seeks for top-notch devices.

Constantly Improved

New upgrades are released every day for Lightning Network, as part of an open source initiative we are upgrading our services on GitHub.
trueno oficial

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